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My publications (4) with Zichao Jiang:


📄 Zhuolin Wang, Zichao Jiang, Yi Zhang, Gengchao Yang, Trevor Hocksun Kwan, Yuhui Chen, Qinghe Yao, A moving least square immersed boundary method for SPH with thin-walled structures, arxiv.org/abs/2309.10373.
📄 Zichao Jiang, Zhuolin Wang, Qinghe Yao, Gengchao Yang, Yi Zhang, Junyang Jiang, A neural network-based Poisson solver for fluid simulation, rs.3.rs-2442189.


📄 王卓霖,江俊扬,杨耿超,姚清河,蒋子超,张仪,面向边缘计算的神经网络MPS加速算法,中山大学学报 (自然科学版) (2023)
📄 张栏,蒋子超,陈玉惠,张仪,杨耿超,姚清河,具有间断解的PTT型黏弹性流体热对流数值模拟,中山大学学报 (自然科学版) (2023)

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